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A big area of concern in the industry is for “ethanol” in the gasoline. Ethanol is a problem now and as the ethanol increases to 15% there will more challenges for the carburetors on small engines. Basically, the problem with ethanol is twofold: 1) it eventually destroys gaskets or rubber rings in the carbs and …

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Denny McKeown Recommends MMM In Cincinnati Enquirer!

Very nice recommendation in this morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer from Denny McKeown, founder and owner of Denny McKeown’s Bloomin’ Garden Centre & Landscape! A big thanks from MMM! Please be sure and visit Denny and Chris McKeown this spring for all your plant, tree, and landscaping needs!

MMM Featured on “At Home With Gary Sullivan” WKRC, Cincinnati Ohio!

Mark and Gavin had the pleasure of joining Gary Sullivan on his radio program a few Saturdays ago to talk about all your upcoming spring needs to get your lawn equipment ready for the season! Look for more from Gary and Mower Mobile Maintenance this spring! Thank you Gary Sullivan!