Read on about ETHANOL

A big area of concern in the industry is for “ethanol” in the gasoline. Ethanol is a problem now and as the ethanol increases to 15% there will more challenges for the carburetors on small engines. Basically, the problem with ethanol is twofold:

1) it eventually destroys gaskets or rubber rings in the carbs and

2) it attracts water and then separates. Water is heavier than gasoline.

On gravity-fed mowers (gas tank above the carburetor) the water accumulates in the carburetor bowl. When you try to start the mower you are now drawing up WATER into your engine. Mowers do not run on water. With the water remaining in the bowl, the bowl and jet can rust and corrode. On two-cycle equipment when this separation occurs, there is lack of lubrication in the cylinder.  Do not use 15% ethanol fuel in any small engine!  Use 10% ethanol fuel with an ethanol protection additive. We recommend using a stabilizer with a “ethanol additive”.

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This is how it looks like the condensation of the water in the ball of the carburetor.