Mower Mobile Maintenance Policies

  1. Mower Mobile Maintenance requires to have a credit card on file to schedule a service or the customer needs to be at home to pay as soon as the service is completed. Customer must agree to be charged the amount of the invoice if we have their credit card on file.
  2. If an appointment has been confirmed by the customer and there is a no show, we will charge a cancellation fee of $20
  3. If customer requests parts over the phone, text, email or after approval of an estimate requiring parts, customer must pay for the part to be ordered. All parts sales are final (no refunds). If the customer cancels the service, the part(s) will be held for 30 days for customer to pick it up. After 30 days the part(s) will be disposed.
  4. If the maintenance or repair of an equipment cannot be completed at customer’s home, customer agrees to allow Mower Mobile Maintenance to take the equipment to the shop and agrees to pay pickup and / or delivery charges. If customer does not want Mower Mobile Maintenance to take their equipment to the shop, they must let Mower Mobile Maintenance know before the service date.
  5. Mower Mobile Maintenance is trying to reduce waste by not leaving the old parts on a bag in your mower, If you are at home we will ask you if you want to keep the old parts, if you are not at home at the time of the service, we will required to let us know not by the time of the confirmation of your appointment to leave the parts,  if not Mower Mobile Maintenance won’t leave the parts.
  6. Mower Mobile Maintenance technicians  are not allowed to give any price or time needed for any service. Customer must call or email to get an estimate, and approve before we can proceed with the repairs. This applies to any service “at home”, return trips or equipment brought to the shop.

Terms & Conditions

1. Warranty. Warranty on parts and labor 30 days from date of completed service. Please operate your equipment within this time frame to confirm work done to your satisfaction! If you have a problem or concern, contact us immediately for resolution.


This warranty covers service and labor only. Any and all parts installed as part of the work by Mower Mobile Maintenance is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty only. Customer shall have no recourse against Mower Mobile Maintenance for the defects in parts utilized. This warranty is limited to defects in workmanship not caused by intervening acts such as mistreatment or neglect by customer. If customer fails to notify Mower Mobile Maintenance of the alleged defect in workmanship and not allow Mower Mobile Maintenance the opportunity to repair the defect, customer shall have no remedy at law.


2.Limitations of Liability. During the service or repair process, we inspect all components for wear and tear to the best of our ability. However, items such as (but not limited to) belts, pull cords, cables, pulleys, spindles and any other similar components can wear out and/or break at any time. Customer understands and agrees that Mower Mobile Maintenance is not responsible for components subject to this unless we have replaced them during our work related to the invoice.


3. Resolution of Disputes. A. Customer agrees that all disputes under this agreement shall be litigated in courts chosen by Mower Mobile Maintenance. B. Customer further agrees that the Law of the State shall apply to all disputes between the parties hereto.


4. Attorney’s Fees. It is hereby agreed between the parties hereto that the prevailing party in any action instituted, relating, or referring to this agreement, shall have additional rights to recover his/her attorney’s fees and costs in addition to the cost of the action itself.


5. Entire Contract. This agreement replaces and supersedes any and all previous agreements, written or oral, with respect to the work to be performed by Mower Mobile Maintenance. Should any one or more of the contract provisions be determined illegals and/or unenforceable, all remaining provisions shall nevertheless remain effective.


6. Amendments. Amendments to this agreement may only be made in writing and signed by Change Order.


7. Warranty of Ownership. Customer does hereby represent that he or she is the owner or the authorized agent of the owner of the equipment which Mower Mobile Maintenance will commence work.


8. Force Majeure. Mower Mobile Maintenance shall not be liable under the provisions of this agreement for damages on account of strikes, lockouts, accidents, fires, delays in manufacturing, delays of carriers, acts of God, governmental actions, state of war, or any other cause beyond the control of the manufacturer whether or not similar to those enumerated.


9. Storage Fee. For items brought to our shop or picked up by us, a storage fee of $10 per week and late payment fee of $10 per month will be applied beginning two (2) weeks after notification has been given to customer that the equipment has been repaired and is ready for pick up or delivery.


10. Abandoned equipment. After thirty (30) days, any and all equipment that has not been paid for in full will become the property of Mower Mobile Maintenance. The items will be disposed of or sold to cover repair costs, pick up, delivery and storage fees. We will attempt to communicate at least 3 times before we apply this clause.


11. Returned checks and late fees. All returned checks are subject to a $35 service Fee. Payment is due at time of service. Customer agrees to a $10 per month finance charge on any unpaid balance, and is responsible for any and all accumulated finance charges, and all collection fees accrued by Mower Mobile Maintenance to collect total debt.


12. Completion acceptance of work performed. In the event customer is unsatisfied with the work performed by Mower Mobile Maintenance, customer agrees to contact this company prior to posting to any online forums, websites, social media, or review sites. Customer agrees to give Mower Mobile Maintenance the opportunity to address their un-satisfaction. Any comment or review posted anywhere on the internet must be removed immediately until Mower Mobile Maintenance is contacted via phone call to Mower Mobile Maintenance, and customer has spoken directly with The OWNER to address the issue. In the event that grievances cannot be resolved to customer’s satisfaction, customer agrees to post the full story of their conversation and interaction with any social media posting (which includes reviews to Yelp!, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Google, Facebook etc.). If customer’s comments and/or reviews are missing the complete story, the post must be immediately removed and will result in legal action by Mower Mobile Maintenance.


13. Estimates. Mower Mobile Maintenance will send estimates for repairs done at the shop or after diagnosis at customer’s home. Customer must approve in writing the estimate before any work can be started and/or parts ordered. Customer understands that when provided with an estimate it’s not a guaranteed figure for the completion of work on my equipment and if it exceeds 20% over the estimated amount, Mower Mobile Maintenance will communicate with the customer.


14. Delivery. Equipment will not be delivered to customer and will remain in the possession of Mower Mobile Maintenance until payment has been received in full.